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Hydra sponsors BVCA High Growth 2017 Event in London


Hydra is proud to be a sponsor for the British Venture Capital Association's High Growth event in London. 

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5 Signs your Project Management Software is not up to the Job

 It’s an exciting time for companies across the UK. With more advanced technology than ever before, it is now possible to reduce the delivery time of professional services and in-house projects and accomplish more with fewer resources. But new technology alone is no guarantee of project success.

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5 Ways to Build Innovation into your Project Team

Innovation cannot happen without a project manager who recognises that change is part of a process. Here’s how you can build innovation into your project team.

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Managing Risk: The Unknowns that Really Matter

A large part of the successful delivery of any project is the ability to reduce, eliminate and account for the unknowns, otherwise known as 'risks'.

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Why becoming a digital business is worth the change

Digital Transformation might sound like an overused buzzword, but embracing digital tools in the right way can help your business achieve real results.

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The Main Challenges of Delivering the Same Level of Service Every Time

There are plenty of roadblocks organisations must overcome to deliver a consistently high level of service. These are the main challenges you’re likely to face.

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