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Infographic: How to Gain Stakeholder Buy-In


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How to gain Stakeholder buy-In

How to gain stakeholder buy-in

As human beings we naturally resist change, we like things to stay the same because that is where we are most comfortable. Yet in the business world, organisations evolve and new ways of doing things emerge.

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How to Implement a Change Management Process

Change management is a fundamental part of every project and, every day, companies face changes, such as launching a new product, or restructuring the organization.

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7 Project Management Pain Points and how to ease them

Following on from our articles on managing remote project teams, we look at 7 project management pain points that remote project teams may face and offer some techniques and tips to ease these.

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5 Project Management Software Alternatives to MS Project

5 Project Management Software alternatives to Microsoft Project

In the beginning, there was Microsoft Project, probably the most well-known and widely used project management software and listed on Capterra as number one in the top 20 most popular project management software.

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Infographic: How to Manage Remote Project Teams Effectively

A handy infographic of five top tips on how to manage remote project teams effectively

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