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Our Project Planning & Management features include our proprietary blueprints, a fully interactive Gantt view, Timesheeting, as well as templated reporting, WBS, and unique deliverable-based planning.

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Resources & Capacity 

Our Resource Management will show you who is doing what and when, along with when you might have availability issues in the future, and how many projects you can deliver.

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Portfolio & Reporting

Whether it is reporting on a single project, a portfolio, or something more complex we've got you covered with multiple levels of reporting in real-time as well as a full data warehouse for your experts to connect to.

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What clients are saying

  • The relationship with Hydra is not limited to a seller-buyer relationship, it is really a partnership, they are now an integral part of the PMO team, they help us to focus on the value activities, they help us with the tasks of reporting and monitoring the projects

    Mario Villarejo Epicor, Director PMO International

  • With Hydra's Blueprinting model we are now delivering projects in the same way each time, so the customer experience is always the same

    Steve Boxall Polycom, General Manager EMEA Services

  • Hydra simply offers all the functionality we need now, with room for further expansion in future as the Business grows to the next level of operational sophistication

    Sharon Dunford ThemeSparx, Concept Design & Project Manager

  • I've got nothing but praise for the Hydra team, they've been really supportive. They've been really proactive about identifying how we can improve as a business and how we can improve as a partnership. I can't praise them enough, they're a really professional team.

    Richard Howes The Open University, Programme Manager

  • We've seen huge benefits; Project Managers are able to manage their staff better, managing performance. In terms of our specialist staff, they've seen a real change in the way things are planned

    Richard Howes The Open University, Programme Manager

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