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In this edition we focus on business transformation and change; the process, the techniques and who you need on your team to create a unity of purpose and deliver change successfully.

How to implement a change management processHow to implement a change management process people discussing

Change management is a fundamental part of every project and, every day, companies face changes, such as launching a new product, or restructuring the organization.  By Hydra

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Transformation and Change: Power to the People!shutterstock_1040372239

How to create a team driven by a unity of purpose. By Francesca Valli.


Change management should be considered from the startThe word change against road leading out to the horizon

As Frank Sinatra would say, "you can’t have one without the other". Change management, often seen as the fluffy part of transformation, is the "love" to the "marriage" of vision, strategy and IT. By Consultancy UK


Three Ways Empathy Can Enhance Your Change Management Technique

Two young businesspeople in a busy office sitting chatting with a beautiful young blond woman and young African American male in the foreground and colleagues working behind-1

The real challenge of change management is working against emotion: fear, the ultimate vulnerability. By Forbes.

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4 tips for managing organizational changeshutterstock_157176650

Launching major transformation efforts is a common way that business leaders try to get a leg up on the competition, or just keep their heads above water. By HBR.

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The changing nature of project deliveryshutterstock_777835606-1

Are you finding that changing customer requirements means that you need to adjust your project delivery methodology? By Hydra.

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