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How to improve project team communication.jpgHow to improve communication within your project team and with your stakeholders

The Pulse of the ProfessionTM report “The Essential Role of Communications” shows that one in five projects don’t meet their original goals because of communication problems.


Keep-Kill-Reconsider-1024x290-1.pngKeep, Kill, Reconsider Strategies for improving governance

Does this sound familiar: Your project teams are working really hard but you’re still seeing a pattern of failing projects and projects that fail to deliver the expected benefits.


5 waystechtools.jpg5 Ways Tech Tools Simplify Project Management

Regardless of whether you are an industrial designer, inventor, businessman, or an entrepreneur, at some point, you also play the role of project manager. 

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7 ways to improve your project administration.jpg7 ways to improve your project administration

As a Project Manager, you are faced with not only ensuring the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and on budget, but you also need to manage the project administration too.


4-pillars-resource-management-1.pngThe four pillars of resource management

Resource management is often forgotten about in the world of project management, overshadowed by the actual workings of a project.


datadrivenorgs-1.jpg10 things data-driven organisations do differently

In the report Insights-Driven Businesses Set the Pace for Global Growth, Forrester Research notes that organisations using more & better data to gain business insights are creating a competitive advantage for future success.

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your secret weapon to avoid overloading people.jpgYour secret weapon to avoid overloading people

As a Project Manager one of your main roles is to manage day to day resource availability and utilisation.


The B2B Technology Buying ConundrumThe B2B Technology Buying Conundrum

Shouldn’t enterprise technology buying be easier by now?   With a simplistic view, the answer to this is a resounding yes.  Of course it should be.  There are plenty of reasons:

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Why custom enterprise integration demands cloud servicesWhy Custom Enterprise Integration Demands Cloud Services

Learn how taking advantage of cloud services can help your enterprise achieve integration by creating the proper environment.


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