We are pleased to announce Hydra’s unique software-as-a-service offering is now available on G-Cloud 8 framework, in partnership with Bramble Hub.

G-Cloud allows UK public sector bodies to easily procure the latest cloud based services available via digital marketplace. To access Hydra's page click here.

“I am proud to have Hydra a part of the UK's Government digital marketplace.” says Juan Manrique, CEO at Hydra “Hydra is an entirely unique solution dedicated to driving outstanding results in public sector organisations through the combination of intelligent cloud technology and advanced services.”

Hydra have helped many public sector organisations, including Northamptonshire Police, Thurrock County council and Leeds City Council to optimise their project delivery, improve resource utilisation and increase efficiency in a real collaborative approach.

About Hydra

Hydra is an integrated solution (Cloud based Professional Services Software + Services) that optimises your service delivery and improves your business results by leveraging your Know-How. We work closely with our customer to help them to maximise KPI’s (resource utilisation, quote-to-cash, profit margins).

About Bramble Hub

Bramble Hub helps ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK government frameworks. They provide support and advice to help make the procurement process as simple as possible.

Bramble Hub