Digital Transformation might sound like an overused buzzword, but embracing digital tools in the right way can help your business achieve real results.

To a lot of people, the term ‘digital transformation’ will sound like an overused buzzword, but embracing digital tools in the right way can help your business achieve real results. The truth is, for a lot of organisations, the digital transformation has already taken place ­ but that doesn’t mean you can’t still reap the rewards of implementing digital technologies and innovations in your business.

In this article, we’re going to look more closely at five of the benefits you can realise by embracing digital technology.

Improve the customer experience

A good customer experience starts with your internal team. The more efficient your internal processes are, the easier it will be to deliver an excellent standard of customer care. A recent study carried out on behalf of Accenture found that 63 percent of the organisations surveyed planned to improve their online customer experience this year.

The average customer will interact with your organisation through more than one channel. Ensuring you deliver a consistent service across every channel can be challenging, but it’s something a digital transformation, driven by the customer, can help you achieve.

Streamline operations

Adopting digital technologies can help you increase the automation, usability and level of collaboration in your processes. Project resource management software is one example of a digital tool that allows you to streamline your operations by seeing the impact of a new workload on your existing projects and resources in real time. You then know exactly what extra resources you require, when and at what cost. The result is improved decision making and streamlined projects that are delivered on time and within budget.

Increase sales

According to a global study conducted by the MIT Center for Digital Business, ‘digitally mature’ firms outperformed their industry competitors on multiple financial metrics. Not only do they generate 9 percent more revenue from existing assets, but they also outperform their peers by 26 percent in terms of profitability.

While the amount of sales that are made is clearly important, digital technology also gives firms more information about how those sales are made. This allows business to market to their customers more effectively and make the most of their spend.

Create a forward-thinking culture

In an age of such rapid technological change, businesses that are reluctant to move with the times and embrace new innovations will not be able to survive. By taking the initiative to change big things within the company, you are cultivating an environment and a culture that is open to change. This type of culture, where change, innovation and improvements are encouraged, is the type of forward-thinking culture that will help your business and employees thrive.

Boost employee productivity

Implementing the right digital tools can help to streamline entire business processes and empower your workforce. Digital tools can improve the flow of data and ease collaboration across departments and locations. The result is a reduction in the number of delays, mistakes and tasks that fall through the cracks. Employees will be able to use their time more effectively, resolve problems more quickly and ultimately boost their productivity.

The Hydra solution

Hydra’s project resource management software integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to give you full visibility of your resources. To see how our project resource management software can help you deliver up to 30 percent more with your existing resources, please book your live demo today.



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