What is 'Execution Control' and how could it transform your team into 'Superman' to unlock your organisations full productivity potential?  

At Hydra we understand how hard it is delivering your projects on time and on budget, and the many challenges to overcome to ensure your projects and services perform at their optimum.  

Hydra Execution Control is the solution to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency for all your projects.

Watch our video to see how Hydra could transform your team into 'Superman' to help unlock your organisations full productivity potential, or if you prefer download a pdf version. 


Overcoming challenges

At Hydra we believe that the experience of your organisation is the key to unlocking your productivity potential, leveraging the wealth of knowledge of your best performers.

Hydra is designed to help you overcome the biggest challenges you encounter in project delivery, such as

  • poor knowledge transfer;
  • the in-ability to allocate your resources efficiently;
  • high variations in service quality meaning management spend too much time putting out fires; and
  • inconsistent customer experience that often pushes your projects out of sync with customers’ expectations.

Hydra is built to increase your organisations productivity potential.  Every organisation has some “Superman” resources, experts that always deliver faster and better than expected. Unfortunately, we cannot clone your experts, …. or can we?

With Hydra you can replicate the knowledge and expertise of your best people, transforming everybody into a Super-hero!  We call it blueprinting.


A Blueprint is way more than a template.  Blueprints combine the basic information of a plan with a wealth of information that gives a 3D view of the whole delivery process, reflecting the best practices of your organisation.

A Blueprint tells you what should be done, how it should be done and by whom, creating a standardised and optimised project delivery plan down to the granular level.

Standardising and controlling the quality of delivery is the key to perfection, giving you

  • increased visibility of your resources and their progress;
  • meaningful benchmarks to analyse performance;
  • the ability to orchestrate all your resources in the most efficient way, increasing quality and customer satisfaction; and
  • boosts your organisations productivity by transforming all your resources into your best resources. 

Connecting with Clients and Partners Worldwide


Hydra Clients.png


Hydra works with clients and partners worldwide. These organisations have put their trust in Hydra to optimise their project and service delivery. This has led to

  • significant increase in service margins;
  • improved quality;
  • faster on-boarding of new resources;
  • shorter quote-to-cash cycles; and
  • continuous improvement of processes.

Connect with us today to find out how Hydra could help unlock your organisations full productivity potential.

Read more in our customer testominials and Case Studies.

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