Making the leap to cloud-based project management software

Is your project management software still up to the job?  If you’re still operating on-premises project management software then maybe it's time to look at some alternatives and think about making the leap to a cloud-based solution?

In the last few years, businesses have been turning to the cloud for their software solutions. This is not simply technology firms that want to jump aboard the latest fad, but businesses in all industries that are aware of the real benefits cloud-based solutions can bring.  Professional Services who use automation software have been benefitting from cloud-based solutions for a number of years now.

Cloud computing is huge; you only have to read Gartner's forecast that "Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 23.1% in 2021 to total $332.3 billion, up from $270 billion in 2020", to understand the potential growth.

From a cost standpoint alone, the cloud has a host of potential benefits for your bottom line. The up-front costs associated with implementing a cloud-based project management software solution are minimal, as there’s no new hardware and no need to hire an in-house IT team or pay for technical assistance to keep your software up-to-date.

The cost advantages are obvious but what are the other benefits of making the leap to cloud-based project management software? 

A connected team

According to a recent Virgin Media Business report, technological advancements will see over half of office-based employees regularly working from home by 2022.

There is also more outsourcing than ever before, with businesses of every size seeking the skills of specialist teams.

With the increasing reliance on a virtual workforce the need for effective communication and collaboration has never been greater.

With a cloud-based project management software solution you can create a central workspace that’s accessible from anywhere, meaning remote workers and outsourced teams are more connected making it easier to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Reliable access wherever you are

At one point or another you’ve probably had to contact a colleague to ask them to email an essential document or send you a password. When your project lives in the cloud, you can access essential information anytime and from anywhere, whether you’re heading into a client meeting or working from home.

Contributing to the wider goal

Cloud-based project management software offers greater transparency, allowing your team members to see how the tasks they are completing contribute to specific projects and wider company goals. With this increased transparency, workers can see how their efforts contribute to the overall project. As a result, they are far more willing to co-operate and go the extra mile to meet their deadlines.

Safety and security

Good cloud-based project management software offers excellent security as it uses secure data centres and servers with built-in disaster recovery. That means even if you download a virus, drop your laptop or leave it on a train, you can still get back to work straight away as all your vital data and information is stored in the cloud.

Cloud-based project management software also offers one of the safest ways to share files with team members and outsourced providers. You don’t have to worry about remote workers losing flash drives containing sensitive data, or files being intercepted during transfer. Most solutions use high-grade encryption that’ll always keep your data safe.

You’re up and running in a flash

You can be up and running with cloud-based software in no time at all. Simply sign up to the company website and benefit from instant setup that will give you immediate access to your new tool. There’s no waiting around for software to arrive and any upgrades or new features will be available instantly, making it easy to stay up to date.

Try before you buy

With so many different solutions out there, the ability to try cloud-based project management software before you buy is a fantastic way to find a tool that meets the specific needs of your business.


Making the jump to cloud-based project management software offers many benefits including:-

  • Cost savings;
  • Better team collaboration and communication;
  • 'Always on' accessibility;
  • Greater transparency in your projects;
  • A high-level of security for your vital data and information.

Hydra offer you the opportunity to watch a free demo of our cloud-based project management software.  If you like what you see then please get in touch to arrange a live demonstration, tailored to your organisations requirements.

Are you ready to take a leap into the cloud?




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