Open University selects Hydra Cloud to optimise course creation

The Open University is the global leader in online education, promoting educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential. Every day, millions of people access free OU content, no matter where they live in the world. 

Hydra has been selected by The Open University as the platform to help optimise the creation and development of online courses and materials ensuring the highest quality of service to all students and Open University users around the world. 

“The core mission, at The Open University, is to provide the best possible education to the largest possible audience,” says  Richard Howes, Programme Manager, "so course creation and management is a key component of our success.  The Open University delivers new courses every year and it’s crucial that each one of them is designed and delivered in the most effective way at the highest quality standard. Hydra was selected because they needed to put the project at the heart of everything they do; by optimising processes for students and working collaboratively internally and externally on a ‘single source of the truth’ the Open University will reduce costs at the same time as increasing the quality of their outputs.”

“Being chosen by The Open University is a great source of pride for all the Hydra team, in today’s organisations, people face more disruptive forces than ever. The ability to build a plan that digitally connects stakeholder across a projects economy, ensuring disparate resources are working on the highest priorities executing the plan and ultimately bringing a course to life,” says Phil Kirkham, Sales Director of Hydra Management. “The Open University is a recognised leader for quality and innovation, two values that also form the basis of Hydra’s philosophy of supporting organisation in their path to excellence.”

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“The Open University were disruptive and revolutionary in their use of technology in 1969, and as they approach their 50th year, we have provided a disruptive and revolutionary technology to help them digitally transform operations ultimately allowing them to change the lives of tens of thousands of future learners,” said, Phil Kirkham “An efficient revitalised OU at the heart of the digital revolution helps the UK economy grow the digital citizens of the future.

The implementation at The Open University went very well at Hydra, working with people who are expert project managers in their own field certainly makes delivering projects on time and on budget much easier.  Total customer satisfaction is a core aim of the Hydra’s business model, and we will work closely with The Open University into the future to continue to evolve Hydra to meet their needs as they digitally transform the organisation.

For more information about the challenges The Open University faced and how Hydra worked with them to understand their challenges and provide solutions, please use our contact us form 

About The Open University: The Open University is the UK’s largest university and leading expert in flexible higher education underpinned by their world-leading research. Offering 180 qualifications and 600 modules to choose from. 76% of students study alongside work.  


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