How The Open University optimised its course-creation and management, increasing visibility and control across their portfolio. 

The Open University is the UK’s largest university and leading expert in flexible higher education underpinned by their world-leading research. 

It is the global leader in online education, offering 180 qualifications and 600 modules.

“The core mission, at The Open University, is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. It is to provide the best possible education to the largest possible audience,” said Richard Howes, Programme Manager, "so course creation and management is a key component of our success.  The Open University delivers new courses every year and it’s crucial that each one of them is designed and delivered in the most effective way at the highest quality standard.

Hydra was selected because we needed to put the project at the heart of everything we do. Optimising processes through the development of student materials and working collaboratively internally and externally on a ‘single source of the truth’ helping The Open University reduce costs at the same time as increasing the quality of outputs.”

In just a few months, The Open University has on-boarded, and are running in the region of 250 projects in Hydra, giving them a wealth of visibility and control across their portfolio and on their creative and technical teams.

Along with Hydra’s project planning and management features, its business intelligence reporting now helps them optimise their business practices, and they now take advantage of current, and historical reporting across 20 customised dashboards giving them 'one source of truth' for all their projects.

In addition, The Open University has already used the best practice blueprinting approach to improve, and integrate on, their course creation projects and continuously improve consistency with every iteration and optimise every project they deliver.

If you would like to learn more about how The Open University are using Hydra to optimise course-creation and management, download the Case Study here.


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