Hydra is committed to helping its customers optimise their project and resource management capabilities.  

Read real-life stories from our customers using Hydra to optimise their project and resource management capabilities and the positive impacts it has had on their business.

Single Source of Truth

"Hydra met 98% of our requirements of what we were looking for and more, because of some the integrations and the way the resourcing links in with project management. There’s not many tools I think that do that; you have a resourcing tool and you have a project management tool but very few do what Hydra does. It actually links the two together and almost builds on those layers to make things better for the project manager, giving them a single source of truth”. Richard Howes, The Open University


Increased project consistency and standardisation

“Hydra is helping us to reinforce key concepts of Project Management and ensure consistency and standardisation in our projects by using its blueprint capability,” -Mario Villarejo, PMO Senior Manager, Epicor.


Immediate impact on costs due to improved resource utilisation

“Prior to Hydra it was not unusual for resourcing conflicts to occur. Often these were overcome by bringing in expensive contract resource. Now, after just one month, we’re already reaping the benefits of implementing Hydra” -Sharon Dunford, Concept Design and Project Manager, Themesparx.


The only resource-central PPM solution

“Hydra has proved to be a great asset to our resource team and resulted in a much leaner and more efficient resource allocation process.” -Andrew Mothersele, Business Systems Manager, Cementation Skanska.


Manage all your resources in one single place

“Hydra was selected because we needed to put the project at the heart of everything we do; by optimising processes and working collaboratively internally and externally on a ‘single source of the truth”- Richard Howes, Programme Manager. The Open University.


Optimal project management functionality

With Hydra’s Blueprinting model, we are now delivering projects in the same way each time, so the customer experience is always the same” – Steve Boxall, General Manager, EMEA Services, Polycom.


Easy to use, quick to implement

“Hydra was selected based on its rich functionality and ease of deployment across the organisation.” Alan Cross, Chief Operating Officer, Kerridge Commercial Systems.



At Hydra we don't just provide our customers with a project and resource management solution we travel with them on their journey to transformation.

"Hydra is helping us to reinforce key concepts of Project Management and ensure consistency and standardisation in our projects by using its Blueprint capability.  I use it as a driver and enabler to transform the traditional Project manager role, which is today focused in monitoring and control, into a more leadership, communication and integrator role.

“Thanks Hydra for partnering with us in this fantastic journey!” Mario Villarejo,  PMO Senior Manager, Epicor.

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