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Project Delivery: Power to the People!

People in projects: How to create a team driven by a unity of purpose

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Emotional engagement in KM implementation

How do you develop emotional engagement in KM implementation and bring sustainable change to organisations? By Paul Whiffen

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Give your Project Management a Healthcheck

Is it time to give your Project Management maturity a Healthcheck?

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The changing nature of project delivery

The nature of project delivery is changing. Do you use Waterfall or Agile? Why not use both in one project?

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Authentic implementation of knowledge management

For any Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy to work it has to be implemented authentically, bringing staff along with you. But what does this actually mean?  By Paul Whiffen.

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Hydra now available on G-Cloud 11

Hydra's Cloud Software Services now available on G-Cloud 11

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