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Knowledge Management Webinar

A joint webinar on Knowledge Management by Hydra and Paul Whiffen from Hartfield KM Consulting covering: 

  • Why Knowledge Management is important to high growth businesses
  • Gathering experience and digitalising knowledge in Hydra
  • How organisations can improve gross margin by deploying continuous improvement and adopting best practice





"If only we knew what we know" - 90% of organisational know-how is locked in the heads of its people. Unlock your productivity potetnial with Hydra. 
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Are you 'Knowledge Ready'?

Knowledge management is a difficult challenge that every organisation is faced with.  Being able to retain and transfer valuable knowledge in your Business can be the difference between success and failure. That's why, in collaboration with our Knowledge Management Thought-Leader, Paul Whiffen, Hydra has produced a free downloadable ebook.   Managing the Right Knowledge & Managing the Knowledge Right shares the key questions and solutions for improving your knowledge management capabilities to help you become 'Knowledge Ready'.

In this eBookCover of managing the right knowledge and managing the knowledge right

  • Understand the most difficult barriers to successful knowledge management
  • The tools and strategies to improve your organisations knowledge management capabilities
  • Learn how to make knowledge management real 


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