Key Features

Blueprints and Best Practices

Our unique blueprinting technology allows the creation of a meta-data model of projects, services, best-practices and the knowledge of an organisation. Blueprints govern the delivery of projects, ensuring consistency and success. At the same time, Blueprints enable the collection of data each time a project is delivered and to use this data to improve forecasting and planning of future engagements.

Project Planning and Management

Optimise your project planning with Hydra. Manage your projects in real-time and access all the information needed from one single place: interactive Gantt, updates on tasks completed, risk logs, deliverables, requirements, document templates and everything else that is required to make the project work.

Risks, Issues and Requirements Management

Hydra provides a fully customisable structure to manage all risks and issues in your projects. States, workflows, templates can be designed to follow your existing risk or issue management processes, making sure that these crucial components of each project are always managed according to your best practices.

Knowledge Management

Centralise all your vital documents in Hydra's professional services software solution. Get instant access to online and offline documents, including training material, videos, templates and instructions, and documents and deliverables directly linked to related tasks. Access the right information at the right time to the user who needs it.

Collaboration and Accountability

Create personal and shared environments for different levels of teamwork and control. Share information and documents online across multiple teams and locations. Collaborate in real-time on projects and services, including suppliers and customers.

Time and Finance Management

Hydra gives you full control of your costs. Track your budgets and the impact of each single resource, tasks, activity or deliverable to your bottom line. Access accurate financial information and actual reporting to get a true picture of time and cost spent on a project.

Resource Management

Hydra provides a central hub for all your resource planning. Plan the assignments of all your resources across all your projects, avoiding over and under-utilisation and making sure that the required skills are always matching the right tasks. Easily profile your resources to accurately reflect their availability, costs, and abilities.

Reports and Dashboards

Do you spend hours creating reports that no-one reads or making dashboards that never get looked at?  In Hydra Reports you can manage information and track any data available in the system in real-time.  Create reports and dashboards that focus on the right goals, the right measurements and the right audience.