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Hydra is Sat Nav for your Projects

With our unique blueprint technology, Hydra knows the best route to deliver your projects as fast as possible. Allowing you to set a base WBS, structure, roles, reporting and more for a project! This means your team can just follow the process that really drives success and satisfaction. You can also keep track of any shortcuts that are taken to see if they really are shortcuts...

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Map with Hydra Logo we are the GPS of your projects

Reduce your Time to Value

With the route mapped out by the blueprint, the people driving your projects don't have to worry about the big picture, and can focus on the task at hand. To help them we can even include instructions at multiple levels specific to the item they are working on. This means your projects get delivered faster, and to a higher quality. Meaning happier customers.

Manage your Capacity

Deliver more with the same resources

What-if the sales team win a new deal? With Hydra you can use our capacity management to tell them when that project can be delivered, and be realistic about it!  But what-if you need to deliver a project by a certain time? Hydra can also tell you how many more resources you need to deliver by a given date.


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Report your Success!

No more time wasted pulling together data, or producing reports in Excel.  The reports are already built into the project, so everyone reports in the same way, and you can have them waiting in your inbox on a regular basis. When it comes to the portfolio you can easily see and share the state of the portfolio and flag any problems before they become an issue. For the more in-depth reporting we can also embed PowerBI dashboards in Hydra as well!

“We've seen huge benefits; Project Managers are able to manage their staff better, managing performance. In terms of our specialist staff, they've seen a real change in the way things are planned

Richard Howes, Open University

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